The world is on fire, in between the floods. Adam McKay, Director of Don’t Look Up says “I don’t think you’re running a responsible business at this time if you haven’t brought in climate scientists and climate communicators for a 2,3 hour session with them and heard every word they say.” We must go faster on climate change action and I can help you.

Strategy Outline

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Carbon dioxide emission audit
  • Quick wins
  • Medium term plan
  • Long term risk assessment
  • Scientific verification
  • Community
  • Certification
  • Cost


On-site and online workshops

Coaching tool kit

Raise Awareness Among Employees, Clients And Other Stakeholders

Lifetime access to teaching materials

Team building

Telephone, Zoom and email support

Carbon dioxide emission audit

Measure And Analyze Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Request supplier sustainability plans

Online carbon footprint calculators

Quick wins

Reducing Energy Consumption

Optimize Employees’ Transportation

Optimise meetings

Medium term plan

Switch to renewable energy

Reduce Waste And Fight Obsolescence

Manage waste effectively

Choose Greener Infrastructures And Equipment

Choose Sustainable Suppliers

Promote Environmentally Friendly Ways Of Working

Advocate for climate change

Product and service design for sustainability

Long term risk assessment

Supplier stability

Supplier raw material continuity

Business location climate vulnerability

Client ability to pay

Scientific verification

Ensure science behind the actions is valid

Avoid green scams


Join relevant business community networks

Inform clients and local community of your climate change actions

Produce clear communication materials

Avoid PR green washing

Continued accountability framework


Make connections to the United Nations 17 sustainable goals

Check relevance of ISO certification

Align with the best certification systems


We assess the size, current status and complexity of the specific business before quoting. Fees usually fall between £3k and £9k for a 12 week to 12 month programme.

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